Diaper Shell Hedgehog


Ecopipo one-size reusable diaper shell fits your baby from 7-8 lbs up to 35 lbs

This is NOT a DIAPER

It features:

  • A great shape to allow an excellent snug fit
  • A durable hook and loop (Velcro) system for easier fitting.
  • An ultra-soft elastic gusset system to reduce leaks.
  • A soft, durable, and stretchy back elastic that keeps your baby’s stool in.
  • Easily adjusted by a snap system on the front

Ecopipo reusable diaper shell should be used with an adjustable night diaper, pre-folds or any two-part diaper system where a waterproof layer is needed.

This shell is excellent, especially when your baby needs more absorbencies, for instance during night time, since its ample design provides plenty of room to add several layers of absorbency.

Please note that this wrap does not have any type of absorbency material, it is purely the outer waterproof layer of a diaper (commonly used for the night cloth diaper).

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Weight 3 oz

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